Our VP-DB (drainback) systems come standard with Thermo-Dynamics collectors and can be configured with 1-4 collectors to be used for domestic water heating and, if desired, space heating. It is a modular and flexible system designed to suit many needs.  The 300L VP- DB tank can be used with any collector which will drain back effectively.

The DB is a North American made system with a jacket heat exchanger which surrounds the tank. The 80L (22 USgal) drainback tank supplies a positive displacement pump which can pump water over 30m (100 feet).  The pump is powered by a 12w PV panel (included) and varies its speed based on the amount of sunshine available. A special diverter valve allows the water to drain back to the jacket tank when the system switches off.

Benefits: No glycol, low maintenance, no external power supply.

This system is being made on an as needed basis.