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Our PV panels on 2 Toronto houses

Our PV panels on two houses in Toronto

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The cost of PV systems has been declining over the last decades..

Boss Solar has been designing and installing PV and hot water solar panel systems since 1990. In the early days, almost all the PV systems we installed were either battery systems for cottage use without hydro or were net metered, as there were no incentive plans from the utilities.

PV panels

10 kW of PV solar electric panels on a barn roof

The use of PV and hot water solar panels is integral to the “Net Zero” challenge, the design and construction of heating and electrical systems that create as much energy over a year as a family would consume. As well as the PV solar panels, we integrate heat pumps, floor heating with solar water heating storage and the proper use of off-peak electric consumption.   This allows us to reduce or eliminate the burning of nonrenewable resources.

The PV systems are designed for many different application from net metering (where the utility allows) to complete behind the meter systems (no utility involvement).  We do all the paperwork, from filling out the applications to getting the electrical permits. In Toronto, for net metering,  applications have to be approved by Toronto Hydro first and they have made it cost prohibitive to install smaller systems. For that reason, we recommend either a starter package for PV domestic hot water or a behind the meter, battery system. The behind the meter system does not put any power to the grid so the costs of a meter change by Hydro are nil. For net metering, the Hydro fees can be upwards of $2000 alone. Call us for more details.

Solar thermal and PV panels

3 kw photovoltaic system and three Viessman hot water solar collectors