PV (photovoltaic) + Thermal = PVT!

Graph showing how PVT panels not only give you higher electrical output, but hot water as well.

Get solar hot water while increasing your PV output using combination PVT panels.

Our combination PV & Thermal (PVT) solar energy system gives you higher outputs and faster return on your investment.

  • 10-15% higher electrical output for Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) system than Photovoltaic (PV) only system
  • Electricity generation and hot water in one unit
  • Integrated snow removal system – optional
  • Each Kw of PVT includes 6m2 of thermal panel
  • Faster return on investment

How PV-Thermal (PVT) Works

Diagram of PV Thermal system in a house

Components of a PVT system

PV  panels lose efficiency as they get hotter. PVT Panels combine solar water heating with PV panels.

By combining these two proven technologies, we are able to increase the efficiency of the PV panel by drawing the heat away, and using it in the household water heater, radiant heating system or heat pump.

The result is a much more efficient PV system, and a larger hot water heating area.  Read more about PV-Thermal Solar Energy Systems!