The importance of expansion tanks — 4 Comments

  1. I have installed an evacuated tube solar thermal system into my home and i’m expirencing a rise in preasure during peak accumulation time of day ( between 12 noon and 3 PM ). I believe it is due to incorrect exp. tank size and pre-charge preasure setting. System is 10 panels, 50 ft. 3/4″ fluid supply lines to roof, 80 water tank with heat exch. built in, exp.tank 2 gal. Can you offer me a solution to resolve this issue??

  2. Bobby, did you ever resolve your pressure problems? I assume that by 10 panels, you mean 10 sets of tubes with 16, 18, 20 tubes each. If this is the case, both the expansion tank and the storage tank are way too small. You need a #120 expansion tank and the proper storage tank would be 1000L min. Your glycol will have to be changes more regularly as well.

  3. My plumber installed the expansion tank higher than the glycol pump and higher than the water stortage tank and with the air side of the expansion tank up. Is this correct installation.

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