4 Flat Solar Panel Collector System

Four flat solar panels for a family of 8

Four flat solar panels for a family of 8

When Bill Devonshire and family were searching for a solar hot water system, they shopped around a lot. Eventually they chose our system of four flat plate solar thermal collectors (i.e. “solar panels”) to provide domestic hot water for the Orton Ontario family of eight.

The solar water heating system provides the majority of the domestic hot water required by the family over the course of the year.

This flat solar panel is the best choice for domestic hot water heating. Manufactured in Germany, the collector outputs a minimum of 525 kWh / m2 / yr. It meets the stringent EU “Blue Angel” standard for “embodied energy.” In other words, each solar collector must be able to collect as much energy in nine months as it took to manufacture. Our collector replaces its embodied energy in 8 months.

The solar panel features a copper absorber sheet, onto which a highly selective solar absorber has been sputtered. The absorber is a ceramic metal composite material called “Sunselect.” The collector is held together by a sturdy aluminum frame, with insulation on the back and sides to prevent the loss of heat into the ambient air. Pebbled solar glass on the face of the collector is tempered, and strong enough to be walked on. Warranty on the collector is 10 years.